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Facts: Amateur licence: Class E: may 29, 2006 - sep 19,  2015 Callsign: DO7OM class A: since sep. 19, 2015 Callsign: DH7OM QTH until april 30, 2011: Wangerooge island (EU-047) Locator JO33WT QTH since may 1, 2011: Delmenhorst Locator JO43HB CQ-Zone 14  -  ITU-Zone 28 DARC Delmenhorst chapter (DOK i 18)              visit i18 website DARC: Member of DARC OV i18 since 1986 ARRL: Member of ARRL since 2011 EPC: European PSK Club #24603 FT8 DMC: FT8 Digital Mode Club #1864
Repeaters in Delmenhorst DO0DEL: DO0DEL    is    currently    offline    due    to technical problems. Freq.:  438,500 MHz, Shift -7,6 MHz DB0DEL: Our    local    FM-repeater    with    echolink- access   is   located   in   the   heart   of   town on top of the fire-station. Freq.:  439,000 MHz, Shift -7,6 MHz Echolink: Node # 759801 Looking forward to Inauguration Day 2021
DH7OM German Amateur Radio Station
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ex-call: DO7OM